New Zealand’s Attitude towards Abortion

New Zealand’s Attitude towards Abortion

The overturning of Roe v Wade sparked a controversial and heated debate in the United States about taking away the constitutional right to abortion. Soon enough, it got many people in different parts of the world talking about the validity and moral issues concerning abortion. This debate has now spread to New Zealand as well.

Liberal View of New Zealand

At present, New Zealand holds a liberal view of abortion, with most citizens in New Zealand supporting the right of a woman to terminate pregnancy in different circumstances. Termination is allowed up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. If the abortion is being done within this time frame, the abortion service provider need not even consult a health practitioner.

However, if there is a need for the abortion to be done after 20 weeks of pregnancy, a qualified health practitioner will decide whether it is necessary by considering various factors and in consultation with other health practitioners.

Luxon’s Recent Statements

National Party leader Christopher Luxon recently criticized this issue being brought up in New Zealand. He asserted that there was no need to bring the culture war in the United States to New Zealand, where the stance is pretty clear.

Although he is a conservative Christian who has voiced his ‘pro-life’ opinions in the past, Luxon made it clear that he empathizes with the women in New Zealand and supports their right to abortion. He was criticized by the opposition for the flexibility in his views.

Jacinda Adern Supports Right to Abortion

Right to Abortion

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Adern, has also pushed back against the ‘pro-life’ sentiment of the US Supreme Court. She stated that abortion would continue to remain a fundamental human right in New Zealand.

She expressed her disappointment on Instagram recently, where she coined the abortion issue as a ‘health issue.’ She has challenged the view of abortion being treated as a criminal issue. She also reiterated by saying that it is important for nations to follow the principles of foreign policy and refrain from commenting on domestic politics happening in other countries.

The Current State

Abortion is currently easily accessible to women in New Zealand. There are plenty of abortion providers located in all regions. Women do not require any reference for the procurement of these services. They can make an appointment and receive it for free if they meet the eligibility requirements. However, there may be some costs involved in the ultrasound scan.

Women in New Zealand can also receive support from an abortion counselor both before and after the abortion in order to deal with any possible mental or emotional problems that may arise.

If there is a failure of health practitioners to meet any regulations, standards, or guidelines, women in New Zealand can reach out to the Ministry of Health for abortion services.

Nancy Sproul